How to best style your eyebrows?

One of the components that frame your face is the eyebrows. It can do wonders in balancing your features. As a former practitioner in the makeup industry as an eyebrow waxer, I follow a simple technique – look in the mirror and find the balance of your face structure.

You can handle a thicker brow only if you have fuller lips or big eyes. And if you have smaller lips, balancing them with medium or thin eyebrows is a better choice.

That said, I didn’t mean the thin 90’s brow, we are never backing to it!

In fact, no makeup course at L'amour would suggest it either. But with thinner features, the thickest brows do not pair well.

Usually, I start with a brow gel. Try @Benefitcosmetics 24-hour for the best results. It holds the brows well and shapes them well when you press it with a brush against the skin – giving the perfect lamination. Using a base underneath would give a white cast, thus an expert opinion would be using it first.

Another great option is @anastasiabeverlyhills eyebrow gel to apply after foundation or any layer. It is not as strong as the Benefits, but it does the job well!

Out of the numerous ways of shaping eyebrows, one of my favourites is using a flat concealer brush, with a lighter concealer in a pot or a pencil (their consistency makes them smoother in application) underneath for contrast.

Fill in the gaps wherever needed with a brow pencil or eyebrow shadow.

Little bits go a long way. This is a principle every great makeup course will teach you. Shaping your brows with this in mind will use less intensity of the product because of the contrast created with the concealer previously.

Remember to embrace your brows no matter how you choose to beautify them. You can take all the beautician courses you want in the UAE, but nothing will work if you don’t follow your passion with Lamour!

With love,


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