Be a Professional Makeup Artist - Learn at the Academy of Makeup Artistry

Are you interested in pursuing a career in makeup artistry?

The Academy of Makeup Artistry offers comprehensive courses and qualifications to help you develop your skills. Whether you want to master the basics or enhance your subtlety, creativity, and technique, everything you need is right here.

What courses does the Academy offer?

The Academy of Makeup Artistry offers a range of courses from beginner to advanced levels, including comprehensive courses in applying makeup, special effects makeup, and body painting. We also offer classes on color theory and creating special looks like bridal or photographic makeup. All our courses are designed to provide relevant industry experience so that you can start your professional career as a makeup artist with confidence.

How can the Academy of Makeup Artistry prepare me for a career in makeup artistry?

The Academy of Makeup Artistry ensures that you have the necessary technical and business knowledge to take on a professional career. We provide hands-on training to give you all the practical skills needed, and our experienced instructors offer valuable advice to help ensure your success. Through our network of professional makeup artists and industry contacts, we can also provide access to job opportunities so that you can start building your career in makeup artistry right away.

What will I learn in a professional makeup artist course?

Our professional makeup artist courses cover essential topics such as hygiene, safety, and sanitation guidelines; product knowledge; makeup application techniques; color theory and color correction; face and eye shapes; contouring and highlighting; corrective techniques; airbrushing basics; creating dramatic makeup looks for photography shoots, stage/theatre performances, and more. You will also receive real-world advice about finding job opportunities, working with clients, creating portfolios, building a network of contacts, launching a business or freelance practice in makeup artistry, and so much more.

What are the benefits of becoming a professional makeup artist?

Getting certified as a professional makeup artist can open up a world of possibilities. Aside from being able to work with clients on individual looks and makeup photoshoots, you can also develop skills in special effects makeup, body painting, and more. You'll also have theopportunity to attend interesting and vibrant events, meet new people, use your creativity in different ways, set your own hours and rates, and get paid for doing something you love! It's a great way to make money while having fun and creating beautiful work.

How do I pursue job opportunities with my new skillset?

Once you've completed the Academy of Makeup Artistry course and received your certification, you will have numerous job opportunities available. You can work on photoshoots and fashion shows, become a makeup artist for television productions, or provide services to customers in salons and spas. Alternatively, many certified makeup artists also choose to freelance, providing their own makeup services to clients directly.

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